Hello and welcome.

Winter is upon us now with deep drifts of snow and chilly temperatures. In a way it’s a relief. The work outside ceases for a while and there’s time to work on those long-awaited interior projects.

One of those project is a new Love Inspired series titled Rocky Mountain Haven. Four foster children return to their foster home The Haven in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, disappointed in love and ready to figure out God’s plan for their lives.

Meant-To-Be Baby, the first book, is Victoria’s story. Pregnant and ashamed, this mommy-to-be turned her back on love, never imagining the arrival of handsome Ben and his nephew Mikey would change everything. This book is scheduled for August 2018.

As the Christmas season approaches may I wish you and yours a wonderful time together of sharing the joy God gave so long ago. May you enjoy peace, health and much happiness in the year ahead and may you come to know God in a newer, more vital way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



November, 2017

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